MBA or PGDM; what is a better option??

Lots of people gain experience in the field of management within a duration of one or two years and think to pursue an MBA degree or PGDM diploma course program to polish their credentials and job prospects. While lots of people ask what the difference between these two programs, many of them think these two programs are much the same.
Some people say that these programs will be helpful to give you a boost in the career and get a nice position along with a nice salary in the company.

What do MBA and PGDM stands for?

MBA: refers to Master in Business Administration

PGDM: refers to Post Graduation Diploma in Management

mba vs pgdm

What is MBA?

MBA is the degree program which is offered by the college that is affiliated to the university. And only the university can provide the accredited MBA program.

What is PGDM?

PGDM is the diploma program that is offered by the institutes which is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and it is not affiliated to any university. The Association of Indian University (AIU) makes this course equal to the MBA program in value.

Fees of the MBA and PGDM Program

Fee of the PGDM as compared to MBA is high and fees of the MBA program is less depending on the university standard.

Are MBA and PGDM equal?

It is not compulsory or necessary that the MBA and PGDM be equal because the colleges that offer the PGDM program have the accreditation from AIU (the association of Indian universities).

What is the difference between the syllabuses?

In MBA, whole lot of the syllabus depends on the theory in the field of the management. An MBA institute always follows the fixed syllabus that is based on the university guidelines. Whereas in PGDM program you will gain some knowledge and enhance your skills. PGDM institute does not have to follow the guidelines of the university so it is flexible and free to change the syllabus according to the standards of the industry and the changes that come in the business atmosphere. The program will help to prepare you at the level of senior position in the company.