What Is The Use Of Ethical Hacking

In today’s digital era, technology and internet gave birth to network evils like virus, anti-virus, hacking and ethical hacking or legal hacking. Hacking is penetrating into security system of a computer network to fetch information. It is a practice of modification of a computer hardware or software system.

Illegally breaking into security system of computer network is a criminal offense. It is when ethical hacking came into the picture that is doing us good by protecting the computer security system from malicious attackers.


Ethical hacking is legally hacking the computer system and penetrating into its database and it protects the company and its owners from the breaches in the cyber security system and also aims to secure the loopholes. Legal hacking experts are usually certified Ethical hackers who are hired by various private firms, government and various companies to protect their computer system from any potential threat.

The ignorance by companies about the need for checking into the systems with the help of ethical hackers could cost companies millions of dollars. Hence more and more companies are now being aware of the need for ethical hacking. However if a system is not being checked by an expert regularly then lots of vital and crucial information can leak out into the hands of black hat hackers or illegal hackers who can use that information to tamper the company’s image. Therefore it is very important to employ an individual who has completed certified ethical hacking training and hence the need for ethical hacking course. These people help to find the problems and weaknesses within the system and protect data from fraudulent use or data theft.

With an increase in the use of computers and rise in technology, there are more and more implications arising, hence ethical hacking training is a pre requisite to protect the business from fraudulent attempts to tamper the company’s vital data.

As the number of cyber-attacks have increased, so too has the need for ethical hackers and their prominence in business across the globe. Ethical hackers work with private firms, government to test their network security systems for vulnerabilities and adversities and bugs to prevent an attack from malicious hacker. Basically ethical hacking is a way of examining or interpreting in detail the organization’s data security systems.

Data security has become a major concern now a day with proliferation of internet in departments of all organizations including government, therefore ethical hacking is a legal method to track weaknesses and find out vulnerabilities in operating environments of information systems.

Mr. Kishan Soni is the writer of this article and faculty of Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi and many other professional courses.