Understanding Off-Page SEO

Whenever we talk about Seo, there are two significant parts than needs to be considered i.e., On page SEO and Off Page SEO. On page SEO refers to everything that you do on your website in order to make it more user friendly and attractive whereas Off page SEO refers to everything that is done outside the website in order to increase the SEO ranking.



What is Off Page SEO?


Off page SEO refers to all the techniques that an SEO expert carries out for increasing the ranking and visibility of the website. It includes processes such as comment writing, Article writing, and various other link building techniques, social media marketing etc. that helps to increases the website ranking. Off page SEO is like gathering votes in order to make your website win the race of Search engine ranking. Building the links towards your website and other techniques will definitely have a positive impact on your site.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that Off page SEO unlike ON page SEO cannot be done quickly in a short span of time. Done with a hustle and in a wrong way, it can cause more harm than good. Trying to build a thousands of Links towards your website in a single day will attract Google’s attention and might increase the chances of a penalty. Off page is a gradual process and the focus should always be on quality. Links from high quality website is far more worthy than that from the low quality website.

Off page SEO done in a proper way can alone get the best ranking results without even good On page SEO. But both conducted simultaneously will lead to better chances. Off page SEO might bring the traffic to the website but holding the traffic and providing the useful and relevant content to the reader is what On page SEO does. An SEO expert knows the value of both the techniques and can justify the importance of each in driving the Traffic and ranking of the website. This is how Off page SEO benefits the ranking of a website and driving the traffic on it.