Top 5 Factors for successful Web Hosting-

When you have purchased the domain and want to buy hosting by searching millions of web hosting company offering the services, then it becomes a difficult task for the individual. The web hosting is offered in ways of different plans with the allocation of spaces in their own server. The price varies in each web hosting provider from free to unaffordable amount. There are lots of features in web hosting in which some of the features are not used frequently.

While there are several features in web hosting, but some of the factor you should make sure when selecting the web hosting provider for successful hosting-



  1. Unlimited domains Web hosting companies usually offer the number of domains limited for the user. Some of the companies generally provide only 1 domain name for each plan. The disk space is provided limited and unlimited but price varies for each plan. The shared hosting packages often provide 1 to 4 databases which limit the ability to enlarge the website. If you want to access multiple sites in a single plan that you should opt for unlimited domain name plan (HostGator plans will be useful personally). The resources in multiple websites which you have bought from the single plan will be shared by all domains.
  2. Developer Support Initially, when you create the website and gradually wants to add more functions and features to the website when your site generates enormous number of traffic. Additional capabilities may be needed in a new website and it makes the hosting provider to either make or demolish the plan. If your web hosting provider is lacking limited developer language offering then you may have to opt for another hosting provider. There are various hosting providers that offer various languages support and applications in a single plan.
  3. Server support When your website is running whole time with a lot of traffic and usage, then it becomes failure or breakdown of some time to work properly. Therefore your web hosting provider should provide you server uptime support. If the company is not giving you uptime guarantee, then it is better to purchase from another provider as the uptime support in today’s online world is essential.
  4. Databases It is the essential factor one should be kept in his/her mind while purchasing web hosting plan. You should get the number of databases to expand your website. The website which is for blogging, forums or any other form of dynamic resources in a website should require a database to function. Most of the provider limits the databases and offers 1 to 5 databases which generally reduce your dream to expand your site. The minimum amount of databases you should is to be 10 but the cost of various providers varies in terms of databases.
  5. Customer support– When you are executing your website on late night and suddenly you experience the problems while working on a website due to the need for an additional web app or database, then it becomes frustrating when there is no customer support. Always opt for those hosting provider who provides customer support for 24×7 hours for each of the queries which clients are facing. Email support should be a part of customer support while handling queries related to emails. Sometimes sending emails to customer support center takes a week, therefore, the need for phone support is also important.