SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

The technology is constantly developing and evolving, taking the forms that didn’t existed earlier and thus one needs to keep upgrading in order to keep up with the changes and maintain the lead in their respective fields.

Responsive Websites And Their Popularity

Responsive websites are the ones that can easily run on all the platforms and can depending upon the screen size without changing the quality or any other aspect of the website. The world has shifted from the desktops to mobile phones and tablets. According to a study, about 70% of the people have started using mobiles and tablets for their daily searches and spends a lot of time on these platforms. This is because these devices are more users friendly and portable as compared to the desktop.

Thus there is a need for the webmasters to shift from non-responsive websites to responsive ones. Moreover Google brought the new mobile update in 2015 which gave more preference to the Responsive websites. Therefore it is important for the webmasters to shift as soon as possible.

Here are a few benefits of Responsive websites for SEO:

Improve In The Website Traffic

One thing is that if you haven’t shifted to Responsive websites, than you are probably losing out on a number of visitors as a lot of people have shifted to mobile devices and tablets and therefore it is better to shift your website to these platforms.

Removing Duplicity

If a webmaster builds a separate mobile version of a website, than he is most probably going to copy all the content from the original website and therefore it would reduce the credibility of your website. Therefore it is better to use responsive web design and templates on your website so that there is no issue of content duplicity.

Improvement In The Ranking

With the mobile update in 2015, Google made it mandatory for the webmasters and website owners to switch their websites to responsive web design in order to secure the better ranking for their website. This also makes it important to switch to the Responsive websites.

These are the few benefits of having a Responsive web design and a lot more. One needs to shift and adapt to such changes in the technology in order to become more user friendly and provide better customer support.

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