Link Building For SEO: Pros and Cons

Is Link Building Dead?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the novices and a lot of webmasters as well. Well the answer is NO. Link building is one of the most integral components in the process of identifying the value of a website or content. Although from time to time, especially in case of the Panda and Penguin release, it might have felt to a lot of webmasters that the future of link building is over. But with time it has been realised that these updates only change the way we conduct Link Building and not the existence of it.

It is heard a lot time that build quality content and you may not require link building at all. This is the worst advice a person can give to you. Link building is the key for search crawlers to determine whether the content is reliable or not. Your content might rank you on some of the keywords but in order to sustain that position it is important for you to build quality links for your website.

With the continuous updates, Google has made it clear that the links that you acquire should be genuine and of good quality. Bad quality links might lead to penalty thus improving the quality of content being delivered to the users.

Here are some of the key Link Building strategies to inherit in order to protect your SEO:

Quality Content

There is a common saying “Content is the King”. If you are building quality content on your website, then there are chances that you might not have to conduct link building. A lot of websites might link your content on their websites giving you quality backlinks for your website.

Relevant Links

Google used to be naïve but now with time, it has evolved and search algorithms have better understanding of what is relevant and what is not. It is highly recommended for the webmasters to build links that are relevant to your niche and add value to your content. If you are building links on music website for your health niche, this might do more harm than good to your link building strategy.

Quality Over Quantity

Over past few years, Google has shifted from quantifying links to qualifying links. It is better for your SEO to build a few but quality links and if possible do follow links than building hundreds of low quality degraded links. Even an excessive number of low quality links may lead to drop in rankings of your website.

These are a few ways to conduct successful SEO for your website by Back linking. One thing for sure is that back links are never going to die unless Google completely changes the way it ranks the websites, this is going to be the most important factor in the ranking of a website.