Link Building Essentials For 2019 -20

Description: One of the most important practices in SEO is link building. Search engines value a site which is linked by other websites. In the article, we go through some essentials of link building and how they affect a site’s ranking.

Link Building Essentials

Link building is considered amongst the most essential jobs for any digital marketer specializing in SEO. For many, link building remains the most important practice in SEO, even greater perhaps than the keyword density of the content.

As search engine algorithms have improved their ranking methodology, digital marketers have has to evolve their SEO strategy and work out new ways to improve their firm’s performance on Google search results.

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How Search Engines ‘Used’ to Work?

In the beginning, search engines scanned the text of any given webpage and identify certain keywords being repeated. According to the keywords accumulated, the websites were given suitable ranks. Naturally, the sites with higher keywords density succeeded more often than not to land on the top of Google search results.

However, many sites began misleading search engines by spamming keywords all over their webpages. The user experience became worse and the search engines had to step in to solve the problem.

To solve the problem, search engines began analyzing good content on the internet and noticed that each webpage having quality content was referenced on several other websites. Thus, they introduced the concept of link building, which meant that a site which is linked more by other websites will naturally be ranked higher on search results. Not only that, search engines laid key emphasis on the quality of the sites linked to a particular site to avoid spam link building.

How Search Engines Work Now?

Search engines rank websites by taking into account a number of factors. Besides link building and content, search engines use other AI and machine learning techniques to rank websites.

Link building is not merely the practice of accumulating a number of external websites to link to a certain page. Search engines are very intuitive and only consider relevant links as part of backlinks.

For e.g. a sports website getting linked to ten healthcare websites would not affect its ranking much, but getting linked to five sports websites would help a lot.

Thus search engines continue to use relevant link building to evaluate a site’s ranking and authority. Search engines have also continued to optimize their algorithm to promote good link building practices. For instance, search engines are now programmed to disregard guest blog links which are usually paid articles.

Link Building Techniques

The most straightforward way to get maximum links is to create content which is valuable to readers. However, since making content discoverable first is a challenge in itself, we go through some common techniques used to increase backlinks to a website.

  1. Inter Website Linking

Many digital marketers ignore the relatively simple trick of linking keywords within an article to other webpages on the website. This helps readers discover other pages of your website and reach content which is otherwise not discoverable on search results.

  1. Use current year in your title to increase hits

If given the choice in clicking,

Top ten cricketers in 2018


Top ten cricketers in 2019

One is always more likely to choose the second option. This is because users like to consumer updated and current content. Adding the year in your content title can increase traffic to your website drastically.

  1. Use Content Curation Websites to get additional backlinks

Content curation websites are portals where users can find articles on a range of topics and share them on social media. Not only are they useful for getting some backlinks, but if more users share them on social media, there is a good chance of exponentially improving the link building process. An example of a content curation website is Scoop It.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are a great way of attracting readers as they convey a ton of information in a graphical form without taking up a lot of space. A site regularly compressing its content onto interactive infographics is bound to be shared a lot.

  1. Social Media

An obvious way of getting top ranked websites to link to a website is to set up a social media page. Besides the usual social media sites, there are many others which people often ignore. Some of these social media channels include Viber, LINE, Foursquare, and StumbleUpon. These websites are no-brainers for link-building purposes.

Digital marketing has become a subject of interest for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Anyone can get access to more information on the subject through various dedicated blogs and websites or even join a digital marketing institute and learn from trainers with years of experience in the field.