Important Lesson In Google Marketing

For any business owner looking for to pull custom by using sponsored advertisements, the quality of the webpage to which the visitor comes, having clicked the advertisement, is important.

And it’s with this in mind that we will analyze a few of things which may assist to enhance your choose-ins and enhance your ROI (return on investment).

The name of this subject is known as Post Click Marketing as well as concerns what occurs when a person clicks your Google advertisement. So here are three important points to think about when making your campaign.

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1. Consistent Message

Ensure that the message on the landing page fits the message on the sponsored advertisement. There is no point in having an advertisement which promises good mobile phone deals as well as then have the visitor land on a webpage which provides no idea as to what the deals are. On this landing page there must be pictures of mobile phones with proven deals for all to notice.

2. Leave The Flash Off The Page

There is nothing more irritating and time-wasting than a landing page which has a flash graphic which takes thirty seconds to load. The webpage might look great once loaded, but you can be sure that the visitor is not going to wait around that long. So keep things easy and leave the flash for other webpages.

3. Limit Choice

Do not provide the visitor lot alternatives on the landing page. Having clicked your advertisement, a visitor who is introduced with a dozen links and many videos will quickly get annoyed and leave your website. The ideal strategy would be to carry on the advertisements message by using to the landing page as well as present them with just two choices of what to do next.

An instance could be a chocolate maker who is landing page provided 2 buttons one labelled Milk Chocolate and the other Plain Chocolate. Not just is this more visually attractive, but it’ll allow you to monitor what most of your visitors need.

Business owners, involved in CPC marketing will need to make sure that they’re obtaining the best possible return on investment. And so they would do well to make sure that their landing pages use the above tips.