How to Attract Google Traffic With Comment Writing

Everyone is busy in their lives today and no one has time to write up a comment genuinely because they liked the content. Every comment writer is usually looking for getting some high quality back links and or some targeted traffic for their websites. Most of the comment formed falls in the category of spams and therefore Google has also started diagnosing these types of comment. Probably, this is the reason why most of your hard work on comment writing is going in vain and therefore even after months of comment writing you are not ranking well for your website.

Here are a few tips for successful Comment writing:


Relevancy is the key to successful comment writing. It is important to identify the websites that are relevant for your website and choose them for writing the comment. A successful webmaster can easily identify the spam comment that can hamper with quality of the website. In order to successfully write content it is important for you to understand the niche and what the content is about. Using this information, you can easily produce a comment that can help you to drive some links for your website.

A successful comment writer always includes the facts that are provided in the content in order to connect with the webmaster and start a friendly conversation in the comment section. This ensures that the comment writer has devoted certain amount of time in reading the content and therefore the comment is genuine.

This can help you to secure suitable backlinks for your website and therefore increase your website ranking. Although comment writing may not provide you with the do follow backlinks but it surely can help you to improve your ranking significantly.