Ethical Hacking A Safeguard Layer

To become a professional ethical hacker it takes lot of hard work, dedication, ethical hacker but how can hacking to someone system is ‘Ethical’. Worlds need Ethical hackers, especially white hat ethical hackers. Nowadays, in government sector as well as private sector needs professional ethical hackers to secure them from the threat.

With the advance technology like IT outsourcing, virtualization, nowadays we are exposing to various threat every day. Ethical hackers are hire to protect the database of the organisation from viruses and hackers. Lost or corruption of data can lead to the huge financial loss of a company and image loss also, now ethical hacking is one of the most popular practices performed on regular basis on the organisation.

Viruses like Ransomware, WannaCry, Peyta are some of the most dangerous threat on banking sector. After that every sector hiring ethical hackers to protect themselves from this type of threats. Any big organisation does not want that to lose their reputation and financial loses to some viruses. To protect they hire ethical hacker that is why there is huge demand of ethical hackers in every sector. Phishing schemes, and IP schemes, are frequent nowadays.

Cloud services are gaining popularities but cloud services come with threats. Cloud services like drop box, google Drive, Microsoft Azure are storing data using third party tool, which is not good for your organisation. Using third party data storing services to store is giving invitation to the hacker to steal your sensitive data or pry on your data and totally losing control on your confidential data.

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In our generation, almost everyone is on Facebook sharing about our self, saving our number in the social networking site, sharing, linking; tagging leads to the major threat steal our personal information. Steal from social networking site is also a cyber-crime, now people create a fake and fake like button to get their id and password once they get that they can access all your information. Phishing webpages are very popular todays.

Prevention is better than cure. Slowly organisation is realising that the cost to protect the data is so much less than dealing with the cyber-attack to recover all the data. Ethical hackers are hire in IT sector to continuously identify the threat and prevent it and take action according to that.

Organisations are improving their security defence layer to tackle the threats at first stage.

Author of this article is Vipul Sharma, content writer for Future Wings Media that provides Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi.