Benefit Of Accelerated Mobile Pages In SEO

What Is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) as it’s famously called is an open source framework that quickens the rate at which mobile pages load. The framework permits people studying your content on their mobile to study it quickly. This improves the number of people that understand your content. The framework improves the loading speeds of the websites by stripping out factors that cause web pages to load slower on mobile. These factors consist of JavaScript and 3rd party scripts.

Benefit Of AMP In Search Engine Optimization

The benefit of this framework is that your mobile pages load quicker. As a publisher as well as marketer, your content is noticeable to lots of people. Research express that up to 50% of people will leave your website if it takes above three seconds to load. Now since your website will be loading quickly, the bounce rate will be less thus your quality content will be noticed by a lot of people.
Another crucial of the AMP framework is that you attain to rank higher in the search outcomes. If you’re keen on Google algorithms, you should understand regarding the Mobilegeddon algorithm. This is an algorithm that benefits websites that are mobile friendly. Since your website will now be mobile friendly, you’ll be ranked high. High ranking not only implies more readers, it also implies more money.

Is Accelerated Mobile Pages For You?

AMP has the obvious benefit of improving the website speed, it comes with lots of limitations. Since the framework does not allow JavaScript and other 3rd party factors, you will not be able to have on page comments, lead forms and other factors.

To satisfy the limitations that come with the framework you’ll have to rewrite your website’s template. You must rewrite your content so that the content in CASCADING STYLE SHEET is less than 50KB. You also require to address your images where you’ve to make sure that they use the amp-img factor. You’ll have to embed the videos utilizing the amp-video custom tag.

When it comes to the article, you’ve to consist of a unique tag that lets search engines identify the Accelerated mobile pages version of your article.

How To begin with AMP

If you’re prepared to go together with the limitations of the framework, you must go forward and get it set up on your website. The 1st thing that you must do is download and then install the AMP WordPress plugin after that activate it. You must then modify the .htaccess file. You must also edit the CASCADING STYLE SHEET to create the AMP look and feel like your website.


AMP improves your website speed thus improving your views. It also provides a good user experience. As stated above, for your website to take benefit of these features you require to adhere to a set of strict regulations. If you’re comfortable with the restrictions you’ll undoubtedly have a bump in your search outcomes.