Amazon Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Amazon is one of the biggest and largest online selling store around the globe. Amazon have a very wide customer segment where people are buying from them. If you are a seller on an amazon. If you want to increase the sale, you have to rank on the keyword research and the title of the #1 selling product it will boost your product sale and eventually help you to build the amazon strategy. Bestselling product title helps a lot to generate more traffic and generate sales. There are lot of thing you can do to increase the sale like offsite campaign social media promotion etc.

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Here are some strategy to rank higher on the amazon search result.

Optimizing and Analyzing and Repeating

If you are thinking that, you have done the optimizing of the product and you do not need to do now. You are wrong you have to analyse the keyword on a weekly basis. If you are ranking on the some of the keyword that are bringing any sales. Therefore, your ranking on keywords is useless. You have to constantly optimize your keywords you can add more keywords. You have to constantly optimizing, analyzing, and repeating.

A9 Search Algorithm

A9 search algorithm is an amazon algorithm, which determine which product should rank on the top. The main algorithm is the most start review the product get the more it will rank higher. If you want to rank higher on the search result, you have to be more satisfied customer reviews that is the recommend way of amazon.

Amazon SEO Keyword Research

As it is the main important aspect to increase the sale and rank higher on the amazon search result. To do the research you have to do the proper research on the keyword if anything goes wrong you will not rank on the keyword. To start the keyword research you can use the tools to do the keyword research make a spreadsheet write the entire high-density keyword list. It will help you to target right keyword for your product to rank.

Title Optimization

Title optimization is also important part to sell a product if your product title is not descriptive nobody will buy your product. It is that simple. Make sure you put everything on the title and do not forget to put your keyword in the title. With keyword on your list amazon will decide what to show.

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Product Description Optimization

Product description is also important. A rational customer reads the description and specification after that they buy the product. Make sure you add keyword on the description and include all necessary detail of the product including warranty of the product.

This is the strategy to increase the sale of your product.